Home And Beyond 2.0

CEK  |   28 December, 2023

Home And Beyond 2.0

The Center for Embodied Knowledge is pleased to present a report on Home and Beyond 2.0, another immerse experience for families and especially children to live in harmony with nature. In a fast paced world where everything is available at the click of a mouse, children have had an elemental experience creating a sense of wonder at the world around them.

Puvidham, along with Iyal Nadi, PuccaLocal, Mudhive, and Urvee Trust, supported by the Center for Embodied Knowledge, came together to curate the workshop on embracing sustainable practices and living in close communion with the natural world.

Conducted between June 25 and July 1, 2023 the workshop helped children know about alternative medicine, education that’s focused on kids, making yummy and healthy food, natural farming, and building houses that are good for our planet.

Puvidham, in Tamil, means love for Earth. This love for Mother Earth is the inspiration behind all activities associated with this place. Puvidham Rural Development Trust focuses on “Education for Sustainable Living,’’ offering a humane and child-centred education environment for children in the Nagarkoodal area of Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.


Written by: CEK