Exploring The Architectural Heritage Of Indrana

CEK  |   2 April, 2024

Exploring The Architectural Heritage Of Indrana

Our previous gathering at Jeevika Ashram in the quaint, bustling village of Indrana, Jabalpur offered us a glimmering glimpse into the intricate interplay between culture and ecology of this region. The diverse interactions and discussions during our stay helped us gain a deeper understanding of the living history of community life from various unique perspectives. As we walked through the village paths, we couldn’t help but marvel at the old architectural heritage that still stands strong, beckoning us to understand why and how different communities chose to build their homes here.

So, with eager hearts and curious minds, and so, we returned to Indrana for another week, this time with a specific focus on exploring the cultural ecology through an architectural lens. This documentation project served as a gateway to two kinds of explorations: one that involved physically and technically examining the buildings themselves,
and another that delved into the intimate relationship between artisans and their humble abodes.

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Written by: CEK